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The Association

Began In 1985

Our Mission

The Signal Hill Neighborhood‚ located high above the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River‚ is a little-known gem – part of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. Platted in 1904‚ construction of the beautifully maintained bluff–top homes draw their unmistakable‚ elegant‚ antebellum style from the use of building materials recycled from the St. Louis World’s Fair. Set on several secluded blocks‚ the streets are divided by landscaped‚ broad‚ grassy medians‚ which remain to this day‚ adding grandeur to the tree–lined Boulevard. Many of the original residents were turn of the century businessmen from East St. Louis choosing to reside in the rather exclusive Signal Hill section‚ atop the bluffs – a breathtaking view‚ beyond the city limits and far from the industrial atmosphere that permeated the valley below – “a Great Place to Live!”

The Signal Hill Neighborhood Association–(SHNA) was formed in 1985. Twenty–six years and five hundred families strong‚ we tackle all sorts of projects and issues. Success stories are all around us—from traffic management‚ to beautification of our entrances‚ to the safety of our neighbors and families‚ we are microcosm of diversity‚ interests and talent. We share one vision; to continue to make Signal Hill a “Great Place to Live!”.

500 Families Strong

One Vision


SHNA is five hundred families strong. We are a microcosm of diversity, interests and talent. We are, or try to be, one family that shares one vision; to make Signal Hill a Great Place to Live.

One Vision

Remembering Our Past

Entrance 1904


Signal Hill Boulevard originally consisted of only a few homes along side its dirt traveled roadway.
(Picture horse drawn carriage)

Entrance 1904

Today our neighborhood boasts over 500 households including many beautiful historic homes. Its history is rich with homes of many architectural styles.

A Great Place to Live

Moving Forward

Looking Ahead

The idea’s that everybody has a stake in their community, that we’re all in it together. We as Americans know this. We know that government can’t solve all our problems. We don’t want them to. But we also know that there are some things we can’t do on our own. We know that there are some things we do better together, as an organized group that works to improve our community. That’s why we have the SHNA, for the betterment and safety of the Signal Hill neighborhood.