About Us

The purpose of the Association will be to act in the common interest of the owners of lots within the boundaries of the Association as set forth in the By-Laws of said Association, to maintain and promote a high standard of quality in the appearance, safety, and peaceful enjoyment of the streets and grounds within the boundaries of the Association and in the maintenance and upkeep of any common ground, facilities, and equipment which may, from time to time, be owned by the Association.
The Signal Hill Neighborhood Association (SHNA) was formed in 1985 for the same reason most neighborhood associations are formed today—concern about increased crime.

Thirty-three years later, the neighborhood association is still here, but it is a far cry form the organization it was. Our present boundaries cross into one municipality and two townships. We tackle all sorts of projects and issues.
Success stories are all around us—from limiting vehicle access, to having one of the best Neighborhood Watch programs in the entire metro area, to beautification of our entrances, to the Scarecrow Jamboree to name a few.
Today SHNA is five hundred families strong. We are a microcosm of diversity, interests and talent. We are, or try to be, one family that shares one vision; to make Signal Hill a Great Place to Live.