Block Captains

Why We Have Block Captains
We have a safe neighborhood—crime stats prove that. We have a beautiful neighborhood—visitors tell us that.
Block Captains help keep our neighborhood safe and beautiful, and serve as our information network.
No job in the neighborhood is more important than that of the BLOCK CAPTAIN. It is the communication network, without whom no news—good or bad—can be disseminated.
Ideally, there should be one Block Captain for every ten to fifteen houses within the neighborhood.
The Block Captain…
  • Is a liaison between block residents and the Neighborhood Watch coordinator.
A Block Captain is Responsible for …
  • Establish and maintain a current list of names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of neighbors and distributing the list to the members of their block group.
  • Set up a telephone chain.
  • Visits and invites new neighbors to join the neighborhood watch program.
  • Notifies the Welcome Neighbor Program Coordinator when new neighbors arrive.
  • Block Captains are asked to serve a minimum of 1 year, but can always serve longer.